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Below is some information you may want to look at first before submitting your Commissioned Art request.

Some of the details below may be subject to change dependent on Unique Client Requirements.

Please do feel Free to email me and reach out with any questions or enquiries you have:

Here are a few of my most recent Commissioned Art pieces 👇🏼


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Personal Portraits



ART ~ Commissions ~ Prices: A4 sized Portrait Drawing = $160 – $250 AUD (price depending on detail).

A3 sized Portrait Drawing = $200 – $450 AUD (price depending on number of faces, detail, time required etc.)

• Paintings/Mixed Media Drawing prices are dependent on time, detail, and materials required to create (e.g. canvases, acrylic paints, special requests). These prices will be determined between myself and the client.

• As a general guideline, the base rate is:

~ $50 AUD (per hour) ~



~ An upfront payment of $50AUD is required to commence work.

~ International Shipping Available (*shipping is additional charge). ~ Payment Plans Available** ~ For further questions, please email: ————————————————————————


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