Whispers in the Wind

Lavender Growth.

My Lavender plant has grown so Big. I bought this plant just over a year ago to represent the Nuturing and Growth of myself in an area of my life that is very important to me. It was the size of my hand when I bought her. I have re- potted her and re-potted her as she required bigger and… Read more →

Lose Weight = Open Your Heart.

I have always said that all ‘Weight’ is just ‘Energy’, and often stored Tension. It is energy that we carry and hold onto for many reasons. Sometimes Physiologically our bodies hold on in fear of not receiving the nutrients we needs, so we store our resources. And Emotionally & Energetically, we can store weight as a form of Protection, Defiance, Guardedness,… Read more →

Portrait Party – UnGuarded. ✏️🎊

Portrait Party ✏️🎊   Which one is the original? I collected some prints for you today. And as they are printed on 170-210gsm paper they will be selling at a Bargain price.  A3 = $45 + postage. A4 = $35 + postage. Snap them up by commenting here or PM me. – emmayogamoves@gmail.com I will have more info &… Read more →

Your Own Authority

‘Clarity comes from Engagement.’ ~ Marie Forleo Yes; and I would also say that ‘Clarity comes even more satisfyingly from Alignment.’ I have been trying to use my head to understand my next steps, where and how I should be using my energy. ‘Should’ I be doing my art today, or working on my book, or working on my Business,… Read more →