Little by Little.

I am writing today about the little steps.
And how doing less really can be doing more.
And how sometimes doing the thing that you ‘think‘ you don’t have time for,
Can be the very thing that creates a whole lot of space in your life for the rest of your to do list to effortlessly fall into place.


(*A beautiful butterfly flower I found today in my front yard.)
Butterfly flower
I’ll elaborate:

For a few weeks now I have been thinking about the steps I need to take towards completing my poetry book. I keep waiting until the flow returns whilst attending to the other movements and activities of my present life.

Yet: The ‘To Do’ list in other areas of my life seems to keep building and a stronger resentment towards these tasks has been building with it.
(I was putting ‘Everything’ off.)

After some quiet time, the little voice inside me kept peeping in about my Poetry book, and although this went against my minds ‘plans’, I decided to follow it.

Lo’ & Behold a huge gust of energy has been released from a tiny micro-movement towards my poetry book, and I feel far more at peace and willing to allow my ‘to do’ list to complete itself.

Lesson once again:
Less is more, and dreams turn everything around.


And as a Celebratory gift to our creative experience,


Here is a poem from my book, ‘Any Human Heart ~ A Journey Back to Soul’
*(She’s in print now)*


Let yourself be guided.

‘Let yourself be guided,
From your own heart.
Let yourself be lifted,
From the very start.
Let yourself let anger dissipate,
Let yourself let go.
Let yourself listen to the first calling in the morning.
What did your heart jump to,
As your mouth was yawning?
Be inspired by the fact that you care.
And know,
None of this matters anyway,
So just do what you’re heart says is there.’

Emma Sumner
© 2010





Here She Is!! Out and Published 👏🏼

In both Paperback 📘



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