The Power of your Darkness

What you see or perceive as your shadow aspects are your true treasures.
If you use them to work for your heart,
You can create so much beauty.
No need to neglect, hide, or push away from these habits/ tendencies/ ‘perceived shadow aspects’;
They are your gifts.
They are your power;
And they can be used to work ‘for’ you.
Embody them,
Live them,
Feel them;
They are your truth, and a great part of you.
Neglecting them is what causes emotional discord.
Embody it,
These are your gifts meant and made to work for you in the highest way.
Use the power your ‘perceived darkness’ gives you for your heart.
Direct the power of your perceived darkness/shadow’ to work for your heart.


Words & Art by Emma Sumner
© 2015





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