APHRODITE ~ Goddess of Love & Beauty ~

Hello 🖐🏼🌿

Late last year I drew this Portrait of APHRODITE ~ Goddess of Love & Beauty ~

I find her energy so Eloquent and Lovely.

I came across an original painting of Aphrodite some years ago and I remember stopping in the street and feeling so soothed and healed by her Presence.

I saved the photo and kept that image on my phone for years. I always thought,

‘One day I’ll draw her.’

And I did.

Below My Drawing of Aphrodite.

She is available as an ‘Open Edition Print’ in My Etsy shop aswell if you are Interested.

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Also a few months after I drew the Portrait ‘Aphrodite’ I sketched this more abstract piece from a traditional painting I saw on the Internet (also of Aphrodite). She’s available as an ‘Open Edition Print’ aswell.

Please simply email me your interest in the abstract Aphrodite Print as it is not yet up in the my Etsy Shop:


And to finish off I’d like to share one of my Favourite Angels/Pictures at the moment.

This one is of Archangel Jophiel.

( Image ©️ To Google )

Enjoy, and have a Lovely Day.

🙏🏼 👼🏼 ✍🏼

Emma 💛✨


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