There sits the Lands of their Peace.

Hello to you,

A poem here that I wrote in 2012 about finding equilibrium between creating, and our creative being-ness.

I know myself as an artist, that it is easy to get caught up in incessant creating, until the point that we can sometimes feel like production machines.

It is important to remember, that we in fact are enough as we are. That our creative juices are bouyant and ready here and now in the effortless present. And that it is in our pure being-ness that our creative genius pours through.

Warmth, and love,


(From my Book ‘Any Human Heart ~ A Journey back to Soul’)


Pursuits and retrievals.

‘There is richness in the poet who has something to say.
Let it out! Let it out! Let it out!
Further forward they strike their words.
Searching, and pushing through the simplicity of their lives.

And yet,
In the simplicity they shall find what they are truly looking for.
Their emotions hold the key to all that they seek.
The grounds of themselves,
Stabilizing the frenetic buzz in their mind.

But who for do their hearts stand?
No one.
Not even their own.
Even their own are lost in their tomorrows;

In the pursuits and retrievals of all their sorrows.

The endless quest of the artists’ hand.
Never will there be enough!
Find steadiness,
Balance after each expression and out pouring.
There sits the lands of their peace.
Their hopes resting under the morning trees.
Waiting for them to remember and relax,

And realise that peace is not something that is done,
But something allowed.’

Emma Sumner (2012)


Never be in a hurry.


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