Behind the Scenes: Whispers in the Wind (Blog Tour)

Firstly I would like to thank Aaron Embrey for inviting me to participate in this tour. I was sitting on my bed one evening thinking to myself, ‘What can I share on my blog?’
I opened my inbox and an email inviting me to participate in a tour about my creative writing journey was waiting for me.

Aaron writes the blog ‘Genderful‘, which I find to be an incredibly brave and insightful topic.



“This site contains a (growing) collection of articles related to spirituality, gender, and creativity, and insights from my own personal experiences of spiritual awakening—or my “physical-transition-turned-spiritual-transformation”—as I’ve come to categorize these events, thus far.

I began my physical transition from female-to-male in May of 2010, but I’ve been on a meandering spiritual path my entire life. Not only has the experience of physical transition gifted me with an amazing new perspective on life (in general), it’s also allowed me to find the balance & understanding of my-self as a whole and complete, physical + spiritual, human being that I’d been seeking all those meandering years.”

Aaron Embrey

Thank you Aaron.

And now on to this tour.

Whispers in the Wind by Emma Sumner


Q1. What am I working on?

I am currently working on the self publishing of my first ever Poetry book, ‘Any Human Heart’. I have been writing this book for at least 6 years.

I am also about to start the final piece of my portrait series ‘In an Unguarded Moment’. Capturing the essence of Soul in a persons eyes and face when they are unknowingly in their full presence.

This particular series of artworks are currently available as Fine Arts Limited Edition prints.




Go here for more:

Q2. How does my work differ from others of its genre?

My particular work and approach to my work differs in the way that I draw all of my material and pieces from my inner wisdom. I share and express what comes to me from my soul in my silent moments.
I am aware to share only what is coming from my authentic, inspired, and soul voice.
(These words, previously were what guided me through my days and experiences and helped me to make choices and discern what was real for me, and now I am sharing them with you.)

Whilst drawing and choosing my portraits I make it my intention to choose only the portraits that give my heart and Soul a big Yes. Some portraits and images have stayed with me for years. I would forget about them and then synchronistically stumble upon them through some other avenue or online when I was allowing myself to be creatively open. They are meant to be. Almost like they are calling me. I feel a very intimate relationship with them.

Q3. Why do I write what I do?

Why do I write what I do? Because I have to. Well the silent whispers, (what I call ‘the silent voice’) whispers to me in my most connected, calm, contented, and inspired moments and I feel the deep desire to write them down and share them with others.

Almost all the images used for ‘Whispers in the Wind’ are either photographed, or created and drawn by me on my adventures. I am the complete and total creative director of every single ‘Whisper’.

Q4. How does my writing process work?

I am actively engaged the Artists Way course book program, which includes daily morning pages (3 pages stream of consciousness) and weekly artists dates (pleasure, leisure and fun on a solo date), and other weekly activities.
I entirely believe my involvement with this and other creative courses and support groups is what keeps me healthily creatively open, rather than in brief spouts.
A lot of self care and awareness goes into my creative unfolding and fulfillment, and it really is a day by day unfoldment.
I am learning it truthfully is for me simply about showing up. Planning less, and giving myself lots of space and room and taking the ‘pressure’ off. This is where the real soul stuff comes through.

As Julia Cameron, the author of the Artists Way says,
‘It’s about treating ourselves like a precious object’
‘remembering that our inner artist is a youngster, and needs nurturing, fun, and play.’

Thank you for sharing in my Journey,
Much appreciation,
Love Emma

And now handing you on to the absolutely loving and benign Positive Pollyanna.


Positive PollyAnna is a publisher, consciousness and creativity development mentor, author, screenwriter, and script/novel analyst. With two master’s degrees in psychology and creative writing, PollyAnna helps students and clients discover their deepest sense of empowerment, self-confidence, and expanded awareness through writing. Her programs, courses, and novels offer a whole-brained approach to self-enrichment, entertainment, and spirituality. She helps her students develop an enriched relationship with their creative flow so they can manifest the reality they’ve been longing for through

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